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PDX DevOps Monthly Meetup!
Join us for our monthly gathering to discuss everything from incident response to cross-team collaboration to automation frameworks. Food provided. Please RSVP! THIS MONTH: Layer 7 Modern Cloud Computing has shifted our network controls to Layer 7 through various means, but what can we do, and what do we gain from shifting traffic at the services layer? This talk will cover microservices, observability, Envoy, Istio, and dynamic configuration. ------ Brook Shelley lives in Portland, OR with her cat Snorri, where she builds self-service meshes at Turbine Labs. Her writing has appeared in The Toast, Lean Out, Transfigure, & the Oregon Journal of the Humanities. She speaks at conferences on queer & trans issues, & is chair of the board of Basic Rights Oregon. ************************** Creating a Culture of Quality Quality assurance is often assumed to be something that happens at a single point in the software development life cycle. In reality, it has the potential to be so much more than that! At its best, quality assurance is a mindset and a culture that your whole company can support - and be supported by. I’ll talk about the work that went into creating this culture at my company, focusing on the somewhat universal challenges of change management and onboarding. This will also include some best practices for solutions along with specific examples from my experience. Next, I’ll dive into defining what a culture of quality assurance looks like when it’s practiced throughout different verticals within a company! This includes sales teams, product managers, and developers, each of whom have the ability to contribute to a culture of quality assurance. Finally, I’ll review the benefits of creating this culture, and why it’s worth the effort. Namely, that a culture of quality assurance enhances your company’s ability to build and launch high-quality products that meet stakeholders’ needs. ----- As a QA Engineer at Vacasa, Angela approaches her work with determination and a positive energy, holding herself and her team to a high standard. She loves people problems as much as technical problems, and enjoys finding thoughtful and empathetic solutions for both. Outside of testing, she love reading, karaoke, and long debates about exactly what is defined as a sandwich.

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Portland DevOps GroundUp started in February 2015. Our mission is to educate the community about the DevOps Culture. There is a need and desire in the tech community to increase the communication and collaboration efforts between departments in effort to make the software development lifecycle more efficient, effective, and faster without compromising cost or product quality. We strive to achieve our mission through holding Lean Coffee’s, presentations by practitioners, and panel discussions.

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