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Salem ECK Skillshop -Using Your Abilities as Soul: Becoming a Spiritual Traveler
• What we'll do Would you rather experience the spiritual worlds yourself than be a spectator of someone else's spiritual experiences? Do you want to discover for yourself your true spiritual potential as Soul? Then, here's your chance to learn how to spiritually exercise so you can. Salem ECK Skillshop - Using Your Abilities as Soul: Becoming a Spiritual Traveler It can be amazing and inspiring to read someone else's stories about their spiritual life and discoveries. But you can have your own experiences, growing in spiritual strength, ability, awareness, and service to others. Each of us is an unlimited, always existing spiritual being called Soul. We, as Soul, use a different body, emotions, personality, and mind to gain new experiences each lifetime. This eventually helps us learn more about being Soul and utilizing Soul's abilities. We, as Soul, learn about Soul's relationship with God by direct experience with IT and ITs worlds, no longer dependent on others to tell us what truth is. We gain true and enduring spiritual freedom. Come join our free ECK Skillshop, share your experiences so we can learn from you, and see what new things you can learn from the experiences of others and apply to your life. If you just want to listen to what other people have to say, that's fine, too. Bring along your friends and family who may be interested. Meanwhile, you can watch the following videos to learn a little of what Eckankar has to offer you on your spiritual journey: "ECKANKAR: The Reality of Spiritual Experiences" ( and "Eckankar Youth: Just Sing HU!--Ancient Spiritual Exercise" ( We meet on the second floor of the IKE Box Cafe at the southwest corner of Cottage and Chemeketa streets (299 Cottage St. NE) in downtown Salem, next to the YMCA on the 3rd Sunday of the month, (January 21st this month) from 11 a.m. until noon. When you enter the IKE Box Cafe from Chemeketa Street, you go up a short flight of stairs and turn right, away from the coffee counter and walk to the end of the hall. Turn right and take the stairs to the second floor. At the top of the stairs, walk forward past the wall on your right, then turn right past the restrooms and you will come to the Key Idea Room. See you there. The number of people who say they will attend this Meetup is no clear indication of the number who actually attend. Most of the people who attend don't respond to the Meetup announcements. They just come and enjoy the spiritual sharing with others who are interested in furthering their spiritual freedom and awareness. • What to bring • Important to know

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Ike Box Café

299 Cottage Street Northeast · Salem, OR

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