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Body Positive - An Experiential Workshop for Women

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As women, we are bombarded with images of unrealistic beauty and messages that our bodies are intended for the viewing and physical pleasure of others. Society encourages us to deprive ourselves of food, torture ourselves with beauty regimens (such as waxing), wear clothes that look good to others but wear down our bodies (such as high heels), and modify our bodies with elective surgeries (such as labiaplasty). Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not here to condemn anyone for wearing heels or having surgery. This is NOT about judging women for succumbing to social pressures. This workshop is a safe place to:
a) Take a hard look at where these messages come from
b) Decide which of these messages genuinely serve you and which messages you would like to gain freedom from
c) Embrace ideas and practices that genuinely nurture you d) Discover alternative beliefs and ways of being to replace practices and beliefs that do not serve you
e) Rediscover your body as: I. Belonging solely to you II. A conduit for your own pleasure III. A source of strength, growth, and experience
f) Participate as part of a community of women who are ready to embrace their bodies for the pleasure their bodies can bring to them. In this ongoing series, we will learn to look at our bodies through new eyes and experience our bodies through new experiences in community with women on a similar journey. Lesson 1 – Love your body for the sensations it offers you!

In this session, we will discuss the demands others place on our bodies and the expectations that are often attached to pleasure we receive from others. We will support each other in reclaiming our bodies as our own and learn to appreciate our bodies for the pleasure they can bring to us. In an exercise of mutual trust, we will take turns giving and receiving a variety of sensations (taste, touch, smell, and sound) to wake the senses in a safe and nurturing environment. We will take time to process the experience of giving and receiving without expectation or demand for more than what is whole-heartedly offered, and we will take time to journal about our experiences. Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes. Bring a journal or notebook and your favorite pen. This event is offered on a sliding fee scale of $10 to $35 (payable in advance or at the door) in order to make it accessible to everyone.

In order to accommodate women in various life-stages and circumstances, this workshop is offered twice on the same day. Choose to attend from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm, or from 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm.

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