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Update 7/15/23
Building on the great work of the predecessors of this group, I’ve taken over as temporary owner and caretaker/organizer/servant leader (read: paid the fee). Here’s what I am offering - I’ll host or co-host monthly meetings for 6-12 months. If it goes well, maybe I’ll continue, or maybe I’ll pass the baton. Hit me up if you have ideas, comments, questions, requests. More soon.

~ Mike Phillips

* * *

Are you pursuing the radical path of financial independence and early retirement (FIRE) through frugality and simple living? Let's get together to discuss our philosophy of money and how it relates to living a more meaningful life. Whether you're already financially independent, on your way, or curious about how to get started, we'd love to have you.

Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin
jlcollinsnh Stock Series
Mr Money Mustache
This meetup is not for solicitation of services. Please come to discuss your personal journeys, but leave your sales pitch at home.

Our main rules are

> 1. show up for any meetings you organize,
> 2. be nice and encourage genuine conversation,
> 3. prevent sales pitches/selling by hosts or attendees.

We are not here to sell products or services to one another. We expect FIRE hosts to respect this rule themselves and politely explain this to the group if anyone seems to be crossing that line.
Other than that, you're welcome to organize a FIRE meet up.  Message me to be set up as an event organizer.

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    Dick's Primal Burger, Portland, OR
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