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Haskell Lesson 7 and A* in Elm

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This month, we'll be meeting in a new location! Collective Agency has moved to 511 SW 10th Ave. We'll be meeting in the main area.

First, we'll cover Lesson 7 on Folds and Monoids ( from Brent Yorgey's CIS 194 Haskell lectures.

Then, Jamon Holmgren will explain his implementation of the A* pathfinding algorithm in Elm. A* is used in games to calculate the least-cost path for a computer character to move from one spot to another. Elm is a language similar to Haskell (but simpler) that compiles down to JavaScript, used for apps that run in web browsers.
Collective Agency
511 SW 10th Ave, Suite 1108 · Portland, OR
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