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There is a surprisingly robust community of houseplant enthusiasts in Portland (and the world at large) and that community seems to be growing every day. It's hard to connect though. Most of us want to share our enthusiasm with others, to share in delight over a giant, healthy Monstera leaf, to speculate over the origins of a fine specimen, or to coo over an adorable little succulent in a garden diorama, or to just meet fellow "plant people" and chill. Whether you're looking for those experiences or others, I hope to see you soon.

I hope this group enables all those experiences and more. I don't know what it will evolve into, but I know I want to share my own enthusiasm over house plants with others in the community.

Past events (4)

House Plant Swap

Cornell Farm Cafe

Show & Tell: get nerdy about a plant you love.

The Macadam

Plant Swap and Sale!

The Macadam

Meet And Greet (first event)

JoLa Cafe

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