What we're about

Walter White (Heisenberg), Samantha Power, Elon Musk, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Christopher Nolan, Tywin Lannister, Professor Moriarty, Michelle Obama, Friedrich Nietzsche, Vladimir Putin:

If any of the characters above have ever especially appealed to you, this group might be for you. These people are known/alleged INTJs.

I'm creating this group to reach out to other INTJs in the greater Portland area, for reasons that any NT type person would understand. The idea is to have social events where we can hangout, talk and sperg out in a way that is not possible with most of the population.

This group is not strictly restricted to INTJs, but any MBTI/Psychology/Psychoanalysis enthusiast.

Past events (3)

Come make INTJ friends!


Saturday morning INTJ coffee social

f&b Cafe at the Arthouse

First INTJ Social @ Rogue (SE Belmont & 9th)

Rogue East Side Pub

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