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Taking a break because I’m overseas taking care of an ill parent and on a different time zone. See you soon!

Our goal is to build a group of active members interested to work together and help each other towards financial independence (reflected in the ability to control how we spend our time). It's important to attend one or more meet and greet events (in person or online) so you can get to know other group members and see how the group works and see if it can bring value to you. If you do not intend to actively participate please let me know so I can add you to the email distribution list.

IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind PIREG is an email based group with a limited presence on the Meetup.com, only the most active members and contributors will be in the meetup.com, most members will only be in the email distribution. We only have 50 seats on meetup.com and they go to the most active members, please contact organizer as you apply for membership to see if email distribution or meetup.com is more appropriate for your case.

A few words on the internals of the group:

- when I first schedule a meetup the title wills start with "VOTE FOR:....", and you have the opportunity to "vote" for the topic by signing up. At this point ignore the date/time/location for the event.

- once a topic has been "voted" for and we have a reasonable number of interested parties I will look to actually schedule it. When a time/place/location has been secured the "VOTE FOR" prefix goes away from the event title: at that point please go ahead and update your RSVP and mark your calendar for that date.

-if you have any questions/comments/are confused at any time please use the meetup message or the email group reply to ask

-if you have suggestions about location/time/date please reach out

- if you have the time and inclination to help with organizing please reach out to me to find the best way to help, especially if you have a system in place we may be able to leverage it for easier tracking and organizing events

- be aware there are a lot of moving parts when organizing these "zero budget" events therefore things may change on short notice

- being part of the group means you accept the fact that things may change or could be ambiguous at times

- this group is a personal project and it may have flaws or imperfections, I welcome any suggestions but due to time and other considerations I may not be able to implement all your suggestions, please feel free to volunteer to help implement those suggestions

- finally, consider donating some of your time and other resources to help with organizing events

The group is about reaching financial independence via leveraging all our resources (money, other assets, time, knowledge, physical abilities and talents, personal network, etc.). If you are at that point in life where you are contemplating the ides of retirement or would just like to prepare/plan for financial independence this is a group for you.

This is a general education group (learn how to fish vs. I give you a fish mindset), we are not giving individual advice on your situation or naming specific investments. By attending this group you invest time and resources into yourself. We talk process and method and you go ahead and use what you've learned and apply it to your own situation. If you are looking for investment "tips", overnight "10 baggers" or a get rich quick scheme this may is NOT a good fit.

If you have a topic to suggest please let me know I'd love to give you the chance to lead a conversation on your preferred topic.

Together let's make the pursuit of financial independence fun!

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