What we're about

This is a Meetup for any and all who's lives have been affected by the Jehovah's Witnesses Organization. Especially those seeking to transcend their former programming and make friends with others who have discovered their authentic spiritual connection with the Divine directly without the WTBTS. This meetup is for those seeking to give or receive support for or as newly awakening members or ex members of JW religion. Our goal is to share our experiences in a wholesome and productive manner aimed at helping newly awakened ones to successfully re-integrate their consciousness and thought process back to wholeness love and productive peace ...without the false programming. We provide education on a variety of powerful processes and techniques for healing the mental and emotional, damage caused by forced adherence to unhealthy doctrines including the practice of shunning. We will also discuss strategies and techniques and experiences for reaching family and friends who are still members of the religion.

We will meet for several hours once or twice per month. The format will start as a sharing circle where we introduce ourselves and welcome new members of our circle followed by a discourse or presentation aimed at various relevant topics of interest for newly awakening ones as well as those seeking to become more confident in their walk into their higher spiritual potentials. The Presentation will be followed by an open discussion and finally a Potluck where we can socialize, up-build, and network. All spiritual orientations and perspectives are welcome.

Upcoming events

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