What we're about

A group for regular presentations and discussions on the Julia language in the Portland area. Julia is a data science language, it's the "Ju" in Jupyter notebooks!

All are welcome and anyone who is interested in data science, machine learning or artificial intelligence may find Julia to be an intriguing alternative to Python or R.

Julia is a high performance language designed from the ground up for numerical and scientific computing. It has an uncluttered syntax and is designed to solve the "two language problem" - to combine the convenience of a scripting language like Python with the speed of a systems language like C.

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Julia's Deep Learning Library: Flux

The Tech Academy

Hello All! The first meetup of the group will be on Wednesday, January 23rd at the Tech Academy in Portland. The topic will be "Flux", which is one of the machine learning/deep learning libraries written entirely in Julia. We can also talk about any other aspects of Julia that you may be interested in. If you are just getting started with Julia, you can download and install Julia here: https://julialang.org/downloads/. I would recommend installing the current stable release, which is 1.0.3. To get started with the syntax, you may want to watch one of the tutorials on youtube. This is a good one and it is current: www.youtube.com/watch?v=8h8rQyEpiZA. The coding starts a little after the 21 minute mark. Looking forward to seeing you on the 23rd!

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