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Laughter Meditation
Laughter is a simple and pure form of connection; easily experienced in physical form. I have learned that laughter, and its ability to connect us in the middle of our utter vulnerability, can lead to the feelings of inner joy that most of us are seeking. Laughter is a fun and easy way to meet another’s gaze and dissolve the illusion of our separateness. My intention with this gathering is that you will experience the many benefits of laughter for the body and mind, the heart and soul; to encourage and inspire you to choose laughter in your life more often. I believe that laughter is a tool for understanding the human condition and ultimately healing through connection. Laughter Meditation has two stages: first, we laugh together for no reason. Laughter opens the heart to allow more love, more trust and more connection. In the second stage, we share silence. Laughter serves as a bridge to intensify, taking us deeper into our silence, our inner peace and calm. Please join us for fun and fellowship! There is a suggested love donation, but no one will be turned away. Please RSVP as space in my basement laughter sanctuary is limited. Also, please note that my home, unfortunately, is not wheelchair accessible. The house is accessible by Tri-met, either the 75 bus or the new Orange Lightrail. The new Orange line stop nearby at Sellwood and Johnson Creek and the 75 Bus stops nearby on SE 32nd. The bus is less of a walk. I created a little map here, but it doesn't show everything. At the new MAX stop there is a trail heading south between the Pendleton Woolen Mills store and the tracks. It heads up a little hill to the Springwater Trail. Then you can follow the outlined map via the trail and the neighborhood streets (~ 15 min. walk). For the bus I have the long way round on the map (still not long ~ 5 min.), but on the corner of SE 32nd & Roswell there is a large field that you can cut through to get to Barba St. Hope this helps!!

Andrea's Laughter Sanctuary

3411 SE Barba St · Portland, OR

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Portland Laughter Yoga is the premiere Portland metro area Laughter resource offering Laughter Clubs & Classes, Laughter Meditation, 1-to-1 Laughter Coaching, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Trainings, as well as special sessions for organizations, team building, corporate health & wellness, personal celebrations, seniors, caregivers, kids and more! This Meet-up will be used to announce community Laughter Clubs, paid classes, trainings and special events sponsored by Portland Laughter Yoga and alumni.

What's Going On?
Laughter Clubs are a community event. We would love to offer them for free, but free space is hard to come by so we have a recommended donation of $5 to $10 dollars. No one will be turned away. After club expenses are paid, extra money is set aside for community Laughter related events such as the Starlight Parade, World Laughter Day, celebrating club anniversaries, community event booths etc.

Right now, the oldest recurring Meetup is the Hawthorne Laughter Club, which meets on Sundays at 4 pm in the Hawthorne Movement Center studio directly behind the Hawthorne Wellness Center. There are other weekly clubs happening that are listed, a monthly Laughter Meditation, as well as occasional special events.

We joined Meetup in 2011, but Portland Laughter Yoga has been holding clubs, classes and trainings since 2008. Meetup is simply another way to get the word out about Laughter related events. We think laughing is AWESOME and want to share it with everyone! Please do not think that just because not many people are listed as attending on Meetup that no one is going. We have many regular laughers that attend our functions that are not tapped into our Meetup community.

What is Laughter Yoga?

Laughter Yoga ( is a unique new physical activity that blends playful and energizing laughter exercises with gentle yogic breathing and rhythmic clapping and chanting. It is fun & easy! No sweat pants or yoga mat required. During the second half of a session we use intentional laughter as a tool, not an emotion during laughter meditation - we just sit or lay back and laugh!

Through group activity and eye contact, simulated laughter quickly becomes real, contagious and enthusiastic. By the time the laughter meditation starts people usually have no problem tapping into their inner laugh. We love Laughter Yoga for its ease and simplicity. Laughter has so many physical, spiritual, emotional and social benefits and anyone can do it!

Founder, Andréa Crisp, has training in Laughter Yoga, Laughter Wellness and two different Laughter Coaching Certifications as well as coaching, counseling and EFT/Meridian Tapping training/experience. Find out more at

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