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APLD (Apple D) Book Club ~ Astral Project & Lucid Dreaming

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This is a meetup we will have every other month. We will discuss the book of the previous Months, and then we will collectively pick a new book of the Month(s).

The topic of the books will vary from Lucid Dreaming, Astral Project, and Out of Body Experience. Personally I'd like to mix things up between research and practice books and also with some ficional books.

Here are a few authors/books from the research/practice group (just ideas).

Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming : Stephen LaBerge
Journeys out of the Body : Robert A Monroe
Far Journeys : Robert A Monroe
Psychic Dreamwalking : Michelle Belanger
Astral Dynamics : Robert Bruce
The Interpretation of Dreams "Oneirocriticia" : Artemidorus
Translated by Robert J. White

Here's a book/author from the fiction group (just an idea). I could use some suggestions in this area.

The Wheel of Time Book Series : Robert Jordan
The Eye of the World