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VHS Vengeance: Avenging Force
VHS Vengeance is an 21+ Movie Riffing Comedy Show where not only the hosts riff the movie, but YOU the audience get to join in. MAIN FEATURE: Avenging Force: After his former comrade is nearly killed, retired Secret Service agent Matt Hunter returns to investigate the assassination attempt and discovers a group of militant racists with a sinister political agenda. So this all sounds pretty run of the mill 80's action until you realize it stars the original American Ninja, Michael Dudikoff! And he's being hunted down in the wilderness a la Deadly Prey, or Surviving the Game, or Hard Target or any other film based on The Most Dangerous Game. But you know what none of those films have? Michael "Philip Marlowe in Radioactive Dreams" Dudikoff! Come on, this is a no brainer (really, check it at the door). BONUS FEATURES: Plenty of riffs Access to booze and food! (A huge improvement from our last format) YOU! (audience snark, riffing & existential film commentary strongly encouraged) So come on out to Kelly's Olympian and join your hosts: Aaron Wagner, Nick Puente and Michael Garcia as we relive some future past. $5 21+ only A co-production by Films Against Humanity, VHS Vengeance & Macaque Attack Media Facebook Event:

Kelly's Olympian

426 Southwest Washington Street · Portland, OR