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Welcome to YOUR Money Map!

Congratulations on joining me and on your commitment to transforming your world by connecting to the truth of who you really are, and consciously designing your life and Great Work to be aligned with your true desires.

In this program, Nicole will guide you to learn how to earn money with ease, flow and joy, and do it while working a reasonable schedule and doing meaningful work in the world.

You’ll have more clarity than you ever had before about how to…

Create a life and business that’s truly in alignment with who you REALLY are;
Identify your entrepreneurial archetype so you can align your business with your truth and find success on every level;
Discover the exact path that will keep you from getting sucked back into deeply conditioned, ingrained fear patterns that have you constantly wondering if you are on the right path;
Learn why, if you have a business already, your current business model isn’t working and how being out of alignment with your Entrepreneurial Archetype means you will either always struggle, find “empty success” or repeat cycles of lots of income and then loss over and over again;
Get your personal Money Map number so you understand exactly what sufficiency means to you;
Build a business (with your personal revenue model) that is in actual alignment with what you really want, who you really are and the Great Work you are here to do in the world;

and so, so much more.

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