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Beaverton, OR

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Aug 26, 2013


I am the IT Manager of the company I work for, and would love to learn more!

Where do you work and what is your job there?

I work for Primal Nutrition, Inc. of Malibu CA and I am the IT manager.

How do you use MySQL? E.g. I'm a DBA, I'm a developer, for fun, I don't yet but interested, etc.

I have been using MySQL for years for hosting client websites, personal websites, and now for hosting websites for my company. I would like to learn more about how MySQL works and optimization techniques.

What would you like to do at meetups? E.g. listen to professionals speak, do hands-on stuff, free-form, etc.

Listen to pros, discuss with peers, Hands On would be great!

What MySQL topics interest you most? E.g. replication, backup, tools, etc.

Backup, tools and Optimization.