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What we’re about

Most people have acquired substantial knowledge about metaphysics and spirituality, yet yearn for more.  The next step in your spiritual journey is to put your intellectual search and research back on the library shelf and begin to have a direct experience with the Wisdom of the Ages - inspired by Lao Tsu, Buddha, Jesus and many others - through your own Intuition, free of the limitations of religious dogma and theology!

New Spiritual Horizons is the Meetup for NorthWestMystical, a spiritual community in the Pacific Northwest dedicated to help the sincere searcher lead their own lives by their Intuition and Inner Guidance with the inspiration and backing of their Spirit Guides or Angels.

NorthWestMystical, in partnership with the Astro Soul® program that is a part of Wayshowers College®, has an extensive program of in-depth training, tools, techniques and community involvement to help each man or woman unfold the full range of their intuitive or mystical abilities in an environment without philosophy or judgment.  Our goal is to fulfill the “Dream Within” each of us came to accomplish and be of service to mankind with joy!

The four major Intuitive Abilities to Receive Wisdom from our Spirit Guides or Angels are:

• Premonition (prophecy) - Opportunities Ahead and Forewarning

• Inner Vision (clairvoyance) - Seeing the Roadmap to Achieve Your Dream Come True

• Inner Hearing (clairaudience) - Inspiration and Ideas To Create Meaningful Change

• Psychometric - Inner Guidance Through Feelings and Targeted Healing 

Please feel free to contact NorthWestMystical at any time to learn of exciting programs and opportunities ahead to develop your Intuitive Abilities!

John Pease
Astro Soul® Program/Wayshowers College®