Past Meetup

The Tenth Annual Maine Playwrights Festival


Friday, April 29 at 7:30 p.m. (All short plays - This includes Schedules A and B)
St. Lawrence Arts Center, Portland
$16 adults; $14 students and seniors

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Aiming Off by Larry Crane (directed by Stephanie Ross)
Arriving at what you desire involves negotiation. For Alma and Jake the physical attraction is palpable. But getting to that place where they both want to be involves negotiating some pretty intense terrain.

Class by Marie Coyle (directed by Tess Van Horn)
Three college seniors fight to pass one last course.

Silence and Slow Time by Kathy Hooke (directed by Tess Van Horn)
An old woman with dementia tells a shaggy dog story and leads her tightly scheduled granddaughter to new understanding about time and life itself.

The Last Fish in the Sea by Cullen McGough
(directed by Michael Levine)
Faced with the grim realities of declining catches and increased regulations, Maine fishermen struggle with each other and themselves.

The Rope Swing by Shannara Gillman (directed by Tess Van Horn)
Two adults try to reconcile their shared past by returning to their old haunting grounds.


Infestation by Jefferson Navicky (directed by Karen Ball)
A couple’s relationship, and each individual’s sanity, is threatened by an insect infestation.

In This Economy by Isabel Sterne (directed by Laura Graham)
A job interview goes awry when interviewer and interviewee realize they only have moments to live before an asteroid destroys earth.

Perfect Joe by Lynne Cullen (directed by Laura Graham)
One Christmas Eve in 1965, Joe and Maria Sullivan return home from visiting relatives to find that the dog has eaten the Christmas Village.

Size Matters by Michael Tooher (directed by Stephanie Ross)
Welcome to the first meeting of the Discussions Regarding Male Inadequacy therapy group, where size is ALL that matters.

The Perils of Long-Term Care by Michael Kimball (directed by Laura Graham)
An elderly couple explores the art of disagreement.

Please contact me if you have any questions. Before night of event: 207 655-9103 or Night of event: 207-482-9536

Attendees (6)