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Do you enjoy the imaginative multiverse created in the gaming worlds of Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder?

Do you seek: Adventure! Exploration! Interaction!

Do you long to hear the words, "Roll initiative!"

Game On!


Forget your dice? Not a problem!


Dungeons and Dragons, 5th Edition.

We have a 5E game running on Fridays, but it is currently full. We have 5 players and 1 DM.

Adults only for the Friday game. If you can't legally bring your own beer or you need adult supervision, "This is not the game you're looking for. Move along."

We also now have a second game during the week. It's a shorter session evening game, starting at 8pm and going until around 10:30pm. That game is full also.

This group is primarily to keep the games that I personally host thriving.

I've not asked for, or received a penny from anyone who joins and I have a limited amount of members I can approve. I can't accept all requests to join. I will periodically delete members who seem to never be active, in order to make room for some of those who are in "pending" limbo. I'd rather keep a short list of active members who really want to game and are willing to put in a little effort, than have a long list of members with no real interest. I encourage people to start their own Meet Up group if you want to get your own game going!

Have fun!

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