What we're about


Do you enjoy the imaginative multiverse created in the gaming worlds of Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder?

Do you seek: Adventure! Exploration! Interaction!

Do you long to hear the words, "Roll initiative!"

Game On!


We have a 5E game running on Fridays, but it is currently full.

This Meet Up group is primarily used to keep the games that I personally host, thriving.

I don't really check this site much.

As of June 23rd, 2020 there are 50 members of this site and 34 Pending!

The membership cap is 50.

I periodically delete members who seem to never be active in order to make room for some of those who are in "pending" limbo. I'd rather keep a short list of active members who really want to game and are willing to put in a little effort, than have a long list of members with no real interest. I of course keep the people I've actually gamed as Members.

If you feel like you've been in limbo forever, I encourage you start your very own meet up group!

Have fun!

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D&D 5E Weeknight Gaming Group.

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Dungeons and Dragons, 5E!

Needs a location

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