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Divorced or Separated Peer Support Group

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Are you dealing with difficult times? (And who isn't at times, that's called life!) You don't have to go through it alone! We offer peer to peer support groups for Grief, Divorce, PTSD, and more.

Whether it's talking about your situation with other participants or sharing support and available resources, we offer a secure, non-judgmental place to find strength and encouragement. We follow the "I pass" guideline, which means you choose when and how much to share. Life issues are unique for each individual. The intensity and duration are different for each person. Within each of us is the capacity to heal, support helps in that process.

Please note that not all participants use Meetup, so the RSVP counts may not be accurate. In addition, these groups meet in our second floor office, stairs only, no elevator. If you need additional information, please call Heidi at 503-351-5937.

Looking for grief and loss support? Please visit­-Grief-Loss/

We also host a women's book group, here

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