[VIRTUAL EVENT] AWS Serverless Applications: Blue-Green Deployments and AWS SAM

PDX Serverless Architecture Meetup
PDX Serverless Architecture Meetup
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We will be using Zoom for this month's meetup. To mitigate mal-intent, our organizers will send meeting information via Meetup.com, including a meeting password, to attendees minutes before start time. We will also use the waiting room to admit only registered attendees. Screen-sharing and annotation are disabled but we encourage use of video/audio to engage with a presenter in conformance to the following code of conduct.

**Talk Details**
Would you like AWS Lambdas here or there? Would you like them in your terminal? Would you like them in local? Would you deploy them in a CLI? Would you deploy them with an API? Would you? Could you? In your pipeline? You may like them. You will see. You may like them in S3! Say! In the Cloud9 IDE? You don't like blue-green deployments and SAM? You do not like them. So you say. Try them! And you may.

In this virtual presentation, host Yves Gurcan will explain how you can deploy to AWS from your machine and run command "sam deploy" on a Lambda function, show an example with API Gateway, share a template with blue-green deployments, and more! Bring your questions for Q&A at the end.

**About Yves**
Yves Gurcan is a certified AWS Cloud Practitioner and a senior software engineer. Expert in all things JavaScript, he enjoys building bleeding edge web applications in React and Node. He also is the maintainer of an open-source library that enables browsers to play MIDI files: https://github.com/yvesgurcan/web-midi-player.

Want to know more about this mysterious Frenchman? Get in touch with him at https://connect.yvesgurcan.com