Shamanic Sound Healing Bath Journey w/ Portland Sound Sanctuary

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Dive inside into deep rest & rejuvenation with this Multi-Instrumental Shamanic Sound Bath Journey with Portland Sound Sanctuary featuring shamanic drums, didgeridoos with guest musician, Pamela Mortensen ... As well as native american flute, cancho seed pods, rain sticks, rattles, Voice, etc, etc. along with many of our other beloved sound healing instruments -- like gongs, tibetan bowls, handpans, chimes, etc... This is a gentle yet profound form of Self-Care... Join us

The doors open at 7:15. Arrive then to get settled in... The Sound
Bath begins promptly at 7:30pm.

Love Exchange: $20-30 sliding scale. $25 suggested. If you're on a low income, $20 is fine and if you're experiencing abundance, $30 is appreciated. Cash only. There is an ATM in the bar next door should you need.

Where: Awakenings Wellness Center. 1016 SE 12th Ave.
Please enter via the ramp to the left of the building.

The floor will be about half covered in mats, but there is not enough for all, so please bring a yoga mat and also a blanket and pillow for your comfort if you wish to make a cozy nest.

A Sound Healing Meditation or 'Sound bath' is both deeply relaxing AND activates your body's natural healing systems --which eases and releases physical, mental & emotional stress.

Physically, sound healing works through the liquid of your body, traveling through the water in your body. We are 70-90% comprised of water. Every cell begins to vibrate in resonance with the sacred sounds, bringing your system back into a state of harmony & well-being. It lowers blood pressure, increases oxygen in the cells, and increases the release of the feel-good endorphins, dopamine and serotonin.

Sound healing takes your brain into the deeper brainwave states of Theta/Delta, in which deep healing is possible. Well-being and higher states of consciousness flow in. It can be a powerful time to set Intention (be in gratitude), meditate, connect with your spirit guides or simply go into a deep sleep. All are perfect and the sound healing frequencies will bring every cell into vibrational alignment no matter what you experience.

**Please bring your blankets, mats, cushions/back jacks & pillows to create your own comfy, sanctuary nest. Also, great to bring water and eye mask to go deep into Theta.

**Since listening is key to this experience, it is necessary to have a quiet container for our journey together. Please do not attend at this time if you have persistent sniffles or cough. Also for this reason, this event would not be a good fit for children under 12.