HILLSBORO: Sound Healing Journey with Viola Rose at Anuloma Yoga Studio

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I invite you to join me for a sweet and gentle yet powerful journey with healing sounds and music at the lovely Anuloma Yoga Studio. Featuring immersion into the sounds and vibrations of multiple gongs for clearing and balancing, heart-opening handpans, Native American Flute and drum, chimes, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls and sweet inspired vocals, lulling you into deep relaxation. I also share pure therapeutic grade essential oils for you to enjoy before and after the soundbath. I will play my sound healing instruments both in front of you and will also walk around the room playing them over you, so even though it is a group session, it will also feel somewhat like a personalized individual sound healing session as well. I am committed to holding a clear, clean, strong and loving container for you to relax, let go and release whatever may be holding you back. Transformation, deep relaxation, pain relief, downloads, insights and infusions of Joy are common at her events.
The cost is $20-$30 sliding scale, with $25 being the suggested amount. what this means is that if you are low income and really want to be there, $20 is fine, if you are feeling abundant, $30 is much appreciated. Cash only please.
Bring a mat, pillow, eye mask, blanket and whatever you might need to to lie down on the floor, (there are some extra in the yoga studio). there are also chairs provided if you would prefer to sit, and you may also bring your own comfy chair to sit in.
Please arrive about 10 minutes early to set up.
Since listening is key to this experience it is essential to have a quiet container for our journey together. Please do not attend if you have a cough or persistent sniffles. Also for this reason, this event would not be a good fit for children under 12.
There is plenty of easy street parking.

A SOUND BATH relaxes the body, clears the subconscious, calms the mind, activates your body's natural healing systems and helps stress and anxiety melt away. Harmony, health and higher state of consciousness flow in. Allowing and inviting healing, deep peace and well-being to occur on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Physically, sound healing works through the nervous system of your body, traveling through the liquid of your cells, vibrating your whole system back into a state of harmony, and also increasing the output of dopamine and serotonin. It is a simple yet powerful way to practice self-care. Afterward you may feel refreshed, de-stressed, and rejuvenated. Transformation, deep relaxation, pain relief, calmer emotions, downloads and insights are common. You may also feel tingly as though the sounds are still working on you, which of course they are, as the effect is generally ongoing for several days.

About gongs: Large high quality gongs have such a huge range of tones, overtones and harmonics, that when played well, they literally bathe every cell of the recipient in sound. Your whole system is powerfully vibrated back into a state of harmony and wellbeing. Literally re-tuned. Gongs also work on the subtle energy body, clearing blockages and old stagnant energy, so that the recipient can move forward freely.

Viola Rose has been combining Music and Healing as Sound-Healing in her own unique way for over 25 years. She is a Heart-based meditation workshop teacher certified with the School of Remembering, and is also a Sound-Healer, Gong Practitioner, Energy Worker, Certified Holistic Health Coach, certified Laughter Yoga teacher and advocate for living from the Heart. Visit Viola's website for more info and to book individual and small group Sound sessions, Gong-Baths, music for events, or Handpan lessons. http://HeartAndSoundHealing.com/