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Pathways to Enlightenment
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All healing and journeys towards enlightenment is said, by the masters who have achieved it, to be a revealing process back to the true self. In healing we reveal false beliefs and thoughts acquired through life events, such as traumas. In the journey of enlightenment it is much of the same only requiring a deeper level of commitment to unravel the false paradigms of self and how we think about the world at large. There are many processes and methods to proceed on this journey and many thoughts behind it. It has been said that 95% of the journey to enlightenment is one that involves purifying or cleaning and clearing the mind and emotions. As such it is easy to see why energy work, when done properly, can aid in this process. In this class we will explore the realms of our own consciousness with participatory energy work designed to break you free from the illusions of your own mind. When we are free from these illusions we are finally able to achieve lasting peace, happiness, health, abundance, and... if desired enlightenment. I look forward to seeing you and sharing the journey with you. -Brandon Forrest Lapier Exchange is $10

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