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Traditionally, tea has been grown in China to serve as not just a beverage, but powerful plant medicine. Today's producers that still farm consciously are growing teas that go far beyond what we find on the shelves of the average grocery store. Within these leaves is the accumulated wisdom of centuries-old trees, minerals and nutrients from root systems that can get to unreachable depths, and the whole signature of its surrounding biodiversity. We are drinking a pathway into nature's intelligence. The effects are profound, awakening energy fields in the body, removing blockages, and calming the nervous system while lifting the spirit and expanding the mind.

Tea at this level must be served ceremonially, devoting our attention to what the leaves wish to communicate and allowing the meditative state that follows to bring us to a place of deeper awareness. The ceremony begins in silence, allowing our senses and subtle bodies to interact with the plant medicine in ways that go beyond the possibilities of language. The sharing of wisdom then follows, which is heightened by the effects of the tea, a practice used since ancient times by Taoist shamans to elevate the art of discussion and education. The simple act of serving tea mindfully reveals to us the accessibility of the biggest questions and the divinity of the smallest moments.

All donations go to supporting future tea gatherings. Ultimately, your presence is what's important, so give what you can, no one is turned away, all are welcome.

We look forward to sharing a bowl of tea with each of you!

(For private groups or individual tea sessions, contact me for details.)

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