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    Imagine a city where delicious, organic fruits and vegetables are growing everywhere you look.

    Imagine turning every vacant lot, every barren yard, every patio, every rooftop, and every spare room into a food-producing oasis.

    Imagine getting hands-on experience and being on the cutting edge of organic gardening and permaculture.

    Join me and turn Portland, Maine into the "Permaculture Capital of the Northeast". We will be planting trees, we will be building things, we will be growing odd plants in unexpected places, and - slowly but surely - we will be changing the city and the world.

    It won't be easy. We will be dealing with a cold climate. We will run into problems in the field that no one has solved yet. We will be up against the "oh, that's just hippie stuff" attitude of people who neither know nor care where their food comes from or where their trash goes. And we will win.

    If any of this strikes a chord with you, please reach out to me and join the group! Any skill that you have is tremendously valuable. It doesn't have to be permaculture-related - no matter what you do, we'll find a way for you personally to make a difference.

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