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What we’re about

The PUPs Meetup Group opens its participants to an urban environment in a variety of ways via the practice of walking. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wander our city and learn to feel more engaged with the space and it’s inhabitants? Are there neighborhoods you’ve never explored, but piqued your curiosity? Could you rediscover something fascinating in places you’ve visited previously?

Join us as we explore the Portland metro area's treasures through event activities such as downtown sauntering, photo walks, art gallery touring, street art strolling, destination walks, district meandering, exploring parks, and co-sponsored EverWalk events. This group is ideally suited for long-time residents and newcomers.

As pedestrians, we will move through a designated area of the city with a time range limit and structure guided by an itinerary or theme. The pace is intended to allow for meaningful observations and interaction with the city and group participants, including those with assisted mobility.

Members must have a front-facing, clear photo of themselves to join the group. Walk leaders are volunteers, not professionals. By participating in an event, you and your guests accept full responsibility for your own well-being/health/safety/COVID protocol and completely absolve the event hosts, the Portland Urban Pedestrians group, and Meetup of any responsibility for injury that may occur during the walk.