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Laravel and Vue.js

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Laravel and Vue.js


Kurtis Holsapple is a developer here in Portland, OR who loves making things work, which is why he loves both Laravel and Vue.JS. Laravel is the most starred full stack framework on Github (52k stars at the time of writing) and it comes out of the box bootstrapped and ready to go with Vue.js. Because it's a server side framework, you have everything you need to get started writing an amazing web application out of the box. Because Vue.js is amazing, the Laravel community has adopted this frontend framework to make your life easier whenever you need to use Javascript. If you're curious about how well Vue can integrate with other tooling, this talk is for you! Even Even Yue has talked at the last three years of Laracon US.

We'll talk about how you can use VueJS with Laravel, the tooling around modern PHP (composer, PHPUnit, etc), Laravel Mix (the Webpack configuration ready to go with Laravel) and more. Join us for a night of fun code examples and more!

6pm Doors Open
6:30pm Presentation
7:15pm Q&A

Heads up: Kurtis will be speaking about this same topic at the next PHPDX Meetup: The PHPDX talk will focus more on back-end concerns, and this talk will focus more on front-end concerns.

225 SW Broadway, Suite 600 · Portland, or
22 spots left