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Champagne, le pinacle Français - Enraptured Elegance BYOB or Just Taste
Who doesn't love the Bub? I love Champagnes because they can give the drinker a feeling of enraptured elegance. Champagnes are one of the world's most cherished wine styles. The purpose of this meetup will be to partake in the pleasures of Champagne. No Non-Champagne sparklers entered this night. ONLY Champagnes entered at this meetup. Suggested retail of least $30 on all entered bottles. RULES : Bring a $30 or above Champagne or throw in $20 to taste thru. Minimum retail on entered bottles $30. Limit -- 10 bottles entered, first 10 to show up go in the tasting lineup. $5 if you bring a bottle, $20 to just taste. We will put the fees in a pot and the winner, (whoever brings the best rated bottle will take home the pot (Minus food expense). Blind Tasting. Since the tasting fee is $20 the winner's pot should be around $200 so it's worth it to bring something great. ***** Important Note***** We will take attendance. We need to do this because there will be a long waitlist on this and about a third of the RSVP's blow off the event, screwing over the people on the waitlist. So if you RSVP make sure you can come. ---------- Meat and exotic cheese plates provided. This is Portland's Best Value Wine Event. The last 100 times, everyone got to taste at least 8 ($30 & above) wines in the tasting, plus drink from pre-tasting wines and post tasting wines (Some VERY high end), plus enjoy an extensive spread of exotic meat and cheese. Compare that to spending on average, $15 just for a single glass of decent wine in a restaurant. Hands down, this is Portland's Best Value Wine Event. Once again, whoever brings the best wine (Blind rated), will take home the pot. Pots have been rising, last week the winner took home $325 (Barolo). We will taste blind. So, Bring a bottle, throw in $5 to the pot or $20 to just come and taste. Once again, whoever brings the best wine (Blind rated), will take home the pot. If we get 20 people to show, the after expense pot should be at least $200, Last week the winner(s) took home $370. Think you know Champagne? Bring a bottle and let's find out. If you bring the best bottle, you will go home with the winnings. The pot "should" be over $200 if you bring best rated bottle. Starts at 7:30 PM, but feel free to show up early, I always have a bottle or 2 open.

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Once a week this group will meet to taste wine somewhere around Portland. Looking for people who enjoy wine and want to get together with others. We will have a good time drinking some great wines and improving our wine knowledge. Cheers!

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