What we're about

This Meetup is for women who want to bring consciousness to the sisterhood wound. The more than / less than dynamic. The hierarchy of 'better'.

Women who want to use the wisdom of their hearts to bring love back to themselves by sharing the truth of their experience with their sisters.

Women who want to turn their inner critics, judges, and bitches into kick arse Warrior Huntresses who track down the stories and behaviours that wound us. The blaming, shaming, stories of judgement. The impulses to attack self or other when we're suffering from the pain of not feeling equal.

This Meetup will start and end with us coming into circle, sharing the truths arising from our bodies. We will describe the sensations, impulses, thoughts and emotions emerging moment by moment, staying true to what is happening in the now. We will watch the dynamics between us revealing the Mystery of what's moving inside us as each sister mirrors an aspect of ourselves back to us. We will own all of own experience. We will reclaim the innocence of our inner children and the power within our darkness.

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Conscious interruption.

Coffee Cup Eastney

It's all in the Mystery

Coffee Cup Eastney


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