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Covid-19 notice - we are postponing all events for the time being and moving on-line in a SiP countrywide group effort. Twitch.tv/SitP weekly at 7pm join us for a remote drink & a think.

Portsmouth Skeptics in the Pub! We are a friendly, informal group, and we meet to enjoy talks on science, pseudo-science, philosophy, religion, and more, and to chat about these subjects over a drink.

We usually meet on the second Thursday of each month. £3 door charge covers speakers expenses

What can you expect at our events? Interesting talks, lively debate, a chance to hang with people who have a rational outlook, and people willing to listen to you and answer your questions. The general format we follow is a talk from our guest speaker (usually lasting around 45 minutes), a 15 minute break to get a drink, and then a Q&A session for as long as the speaker can provide us. Afterwards, there's plenty of time to mingle and - as it takes place at The Rifle Club so grab a few drinks too.

You can find out more details about our events on our official SitP page ( http://portsmouth.skepticsinthepub.org ) or by joining our Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/SitPPompey/) or liking our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pompeysitp).

Inclusion Policy
Portsmouth Skeptics aim to promote an environment where everyone can feel safe and welcome. We will not tolerate harassment (inappropriate or discriminatory speech or behaviour) or abuse of speakers or attendees.

Anyone who is found to be harassing or abusive may be asked to leave and could also be banned from future events and/or any other PSitP forums.

Should anyone feel the need to report such harassment or abuse, either online or at an event, please inform one of the organisers

Upcoming events (4+)

The Woos and Woes of Wikipedia – Annika Harrison

Online event

Wikipedia is known as an international encyclopaedia. But is it also a worldwide network with secret members, seeking to influence humankind? Or is it a web forum, where one can publish their opinion? How does Wikipedia work? And how can you make a difference?
Even among skeptics Wikipedia is still looked at with scrutiny. Is it reliable? Are there mechanisms and processes to make Wikipedia more valid and protected?
The Skeptics in the Pub Online presentation will answer all these questions and more.
Annika Harrison is a member of GWUP, the German skeptics organisation. She is also a proud member of the European Skeptics Podcast (ESP) and writes interviews and reports for the online section of the Skeptical Inquirer. She joined Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia in 2017 and most enjoys recording audio introductions to further the richness of pages concerning Skepticism.
Professionally, she is a teacher of English and history at a comprehensive school close to Cologne, Germany. Privately, she is married and a mother of one.

The Lock-in's Razor Skeptical Online Pub

Online event

Skeptics in the Pub Online is moving to fortnightly talks for the summer and perhaps longer so to prevent a skeptical shaped hole forming in our lives we will be opening our virtual pub, the Lock-In's Razor, alternate Thursdays to provide skeptical chat over a real/ virtual drink.

The pub is run via Zoom (https://sitp.online/virtualpub/) and all are welcome to join either on video or just audio (participation is encouraged but not required) under the following simple ground rules:

1. Be respectful of speakers and other attendees. That includes offensive, abusive, or threatening language. If you wouldn’t say something to someone in real life, don’t say it on Zoom. Challenge the idea, not the person.
2. Respect each other’s right to privacy. Please don’t share stuff about other people that they’ve told you unless they’ve clearly said people can.
3. Please be mindful that other people may want to contribute to the conversation. If you find yourself talking a lot on the subject, you may prefer to move to a breakout room to allow others a chance. Also, the host may ask you to move. Please do so if requested.
4. We reserve the right to mute you or remove you from the chat. We have the final say.

Skeptics of the Round Table (Hants Skeptics)

Online event

Skeptics of the Round Table is The Hampshire Skeptics Society’s social meet-up. In contrast to the Skeptics in the Pub meetings there are no speakers and the main purpose of our meetings is to enable free and unrestricted conversations between like-minded people brought together by the ideal of promoting a skeptical and scientific view of the world we live in.

They are moving online via Zoom until able to meet again in the Pub and have invited Pompey SitP attendees to the virtual pub chat. Password is sitp

Skeptics of the Round Table take place on the second Wednesday of every month from 7:00 pm onwards

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