WordPress Portsmouth Meetup


Come to our second meetup of 2018 for two topical talks: Security and the new content editor.

19:00 - Networking
19:30 - Security - Dave Potter
20:00 - Gutenberg - Herb Miller
20:30 - Clinic - air your problems
21:00 - Social at Sovereigns

Synopsis of Dave's talk

Security - With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

In today's WordPress world we have the power to build great websites in a matter of minutes. With this power comes the responsibility to look after the data that flows through our websites. We often subcontract the management of our data to multiple organisations which in turn hold our data in multiple locations. This means our data is exposed to events that may impact any one of those organisations and/or locations. This talk discusses the steps we can and should take to be responsible custodians of our customer and user data.

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