November Gophers (10 Year Aniversary!)


Hello Portugal Gophers 🙌

In November we will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Go language, and we have prepared a very special event! 🥳

🙌 We will start with food and drinks and some networking!

🤜🤛 We will continue with a live stream with our Gopher Friends in London 🇬🇧

🥳 We will do a short intro on how and why Go was created, and the origin of PortugalGophers!

And now, on to this month's speaker...


🗣John Graham-Cumming (CTO, Cloudflare): "Everything old is new again"

"I'll talk about why I adopted Go in 2011. What worked and what didn't as we went from version 0.98 to a working version! And I'll discuss what Cloudflare uses Go for today and what we use Rust for."

❓ About John:
"John Graham-Cumming is CTO of Cloudflare and is a computer programmer and author. He studied mathematics and computation at Oxford and stayed for a doctorate in computer security. As a programmer, he has worked in Silicon Valley and New York, the UK, Germany, and France. His open-source POPFile program won a Jolt Productivity Award in 2004.
He is the author of a travel book for scientists published in 2009 called The Geek Atlas and has written articles for The Times, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, New Scientist and other publications.''

🗓 Agenda
18:30 - Open Doors, Networking, Food & Drinks
19:00 - Welcome
19:15 - Live Stream with LondonGophers
19:30 - John's Talk
20:30 - Social & Networking

📍 Host - Volkswagen Software Development Center, Lisbon (
Once again, Volkswagen SDC Lisbon will be sponsoring this event, with space, food, and drinks! 🙏

Please join us!