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This group was born out of desire to share and explore the science of influence and persuasion. Sales training and body language tips only go so far, this group will delve into covert influence and the linguistic secrets of conversational hypnosis.

You will learn to take control of the way someone is thinking and lead them happily to your way of thinking.

This is not black magic nor the dark arts of influence or manipulation, but it is potentially very powerful it should always be used in a totally ethical way.

You cannot control somebody else's mind, but you can hijack their thinking patterns and lead them to a certain predetermined outcome. You can also deliver your message to someone on both conscious and unconscious levels simultaneously, thereby dramatically increasing your influence on them.

Anyone who wishes to have more influence over their friends, colleagues, clients, customers, vendors, strangers, partners, parents, siblings or children can join this group. You don't need any formal training or experience, your lifetime experience of influence will do perfectly.

You are only asked to bring a sense of fun and adventure. To be open to discovering new things and willing to contribute to the group.

And, the No. 1 rule of persuasion: Wear a smile!

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