What we're about

Welcome to the Positive Living group :)

There will be a different topic every 2 weeks. Who is this group for? You can join this group if you are interested in positive living, meditation and personal transformation, spirituality, health & wellness. We are an active group using tools and techniques to achieve higher states of health, knowledge and happiness.

Here are some of the topics we will be covering.

* Belief work - Creating positive change.
* Meeting Guardian angels and spirit guides.
* Meditation for positive living.
* How to develop your intuition.
* Talks on interesting metaphysical topics.
* Guest speakers.
* Exclusive invites to courses and workshops.
* Access to inner circle

What you will gain from this group.

You will learn how to change a negative belief to a positive one. How to meditate and create stillness in your mind. How to communicate with your spirit guides and angels. Meet amazing new friends in the local area, network and socialise.

About me:

I am a spiritual Life coach, and spiritual healer. I practise Life coaching, Theta healing and intuitive readings. I work in Guildford, Surrey and Richmond, London. You can learn more about what I do on my website: http://www.justinsagen.com

I have been studying these topics for most of my life such as meditation, psychic development, angels and guides, psycho-spiritual experiences. I have participated on personal development courses since I was 17 years old when I first became fascinated by Buddhism. Why I started this group: To share the knowledge I have learned over the years. To empower people to live a more positive life, to meet new people.

Upcoming events (2)

Karaoke night in London

Needs a location

Come and let your hair down with an evening of sing song... Meet new people in London and make new friends.

What's your favourite shower song? Don't worry there will not be a judge.

Venue to be confirmed once I have the numbers but will be in central London

This event is charged at £8 (to pay for the venue hire)

Group breathing in the park (Offline event)

Richmond Park, Richmond Gate

This is an ancient practice to connect us with our being. A way to release stress, anxiety, trauma and come into the present moment now.

We will practice conscious-connected breathing which is in other words deep belly breathing..

We will not practice beyond 45 minutes as this can lead to euphoric, ecstatic and heightened states of consciousness.

About me:
I learnt this art from my teacher who lived with an Indian mystic for one year. I've loved it over the years myself and now use to help others. I am also a business owner and spiritual medium/ healer.

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