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We are living in extraordinary and revolutionary times! There has been an explosion of new discoveries and understanding about how our brains work!

This group is for anyone interested in learning about the mind/brain/body connection and how having a positive mind improves brain and body health. We will explore the findings from Neuroscience and the conclusions by some about Positive Neuroplasticity and Epigenetics and their intersection with healthy nutrition.

We will explore how some are using this information to develop new modalities to help us de-stress, de-traumatize and de-toxify our minds and bodies and to guide us to overall wellness.

Also medical science is giving us deeper understanding into the mind – body connection. Our brain health is very dependent on the health of our gut – that is our digestive system. Many chronic, physically debilitating conditions that plague us today are directly related to what we put in to our mouths. The fast-food diet, processed food and high-carb/low fat diet that most of were raised on causes inflammation in our bodies and often leads to diseases. We know this now. We are not guessing about this at all. This Meetup is about learning how to optimize our brains and our bodies as much as we can.

This Meetup is a balance of science, positive mind exercises and healthy nutrition. We will include seminars and workshops and invite guest teachers and presenters.

Disclaimer: Content discussed or presented in this forum should not be considered as medically prescriptive. All content is offered as education and information only in a learning environment for individuals who wish to hear the conclusions and opinions of others by their own free will. The organizer is not a physician, therapist or healthcare professional.

Past events (10)

Introduction to TRE® (Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercises)

Boise Public Library at Hillcrest

Getting to Root Cause of AutoImmune Diseases with Dr. Nuzum

Boise Public Library at Hillcrest

Diving into CBD and how it works with our body and brain

Boise Public Library at Hillcrest

Positive Mind / Healthy Body

Boise Public Library at Hillcrest

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