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Are you looking for some inspiration, at loggerheads with yourself, in a stalled relationship or business? Stuck in a rut, desperate for a way forward?

Are you successful in any particular area of your life, emotionally, spiritually, in business or your career? Are you willing to share and help others and in turn help yourself?

Are you open to new thoughts, ideas and expressions, seeking to improve yourself from within. Open to share and participate in your own way and time.

Are you working from home, a carer, an entrepreneur, a start-up, a stalling, failed or thriving business person, a high flying executive or a millionaire, then I hope that you might share your journey and in so doing help yourself and others.

Simply put we are stronger together and when we learn and share with others we grow and elevate ourselves to a higher version of ourselves.

I have started this group, not to build a cult nor make it some happy clappy club nor preach one dogma after another. I have built it because I am on a journey to positive reinforcement and I want to share this sentiment with others and in doing so improve myself.

The group is new and I am open to new ideas, topics, exercises, discussions and practices.

Initially we will listen or watch an interesting talk, live or recorded, then discuss in a positive manner what we have learnt and how we might apply it to our own self-improvement for the next 14 days. Then review our experiences at the next meeting.

I look forward to meeting you very soon.

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