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The most important journey you can take is the journey within. This is a journey to the truth of who you really are. This is the place, just beyond every day consciousness, where spiritual empowerment begins. Spiritual power gives you the power to choose creative thinking rather than automated thinking, response rather than reaction, peace, love and harmony rather than stress, conflict and chaos. Positive Thinking & Meditation enables you to embark on this inward journey. Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga meditation gives you a clear spiritual understanding of yourself, helps you re–discover and use the positive qualities already latent within you, enables you to develop your strengths of character and create new attitudes and responses to life.

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The Game of Relationships

Inner Space

Although we live in an imperfect world we want and often expect our relationships to be perfect. When they are not, we get disheartened and often play games to make them go as we would wish - very often with disastrous results. Those on a spiritual journey know that the external is a reflection of something I need to see and understand in the self. This talk will explore how to overcome challenges and build strong and satisfactory relationships. Speaker: Natalie has had a varied career in banking, television and social services - working with people with learning disabilities. For the last seven years she has dedicated her time to co-ordinating activities for the Brahma Kumaris in Loughborough. Natalie has a natural talent for making the ideas she talks about, very interesting.

Introduction to Raja Yoga Meditation

Inner Space

Experience peace, inner strength and wisdom through 'yoga for the mind'. Taking time for the self with exercises in the mind for greater self awareness. Learn how to: * meditate anytime, anywhere * experience the beauty of the true self * understand the nature of consciousness * connect with the Divine * use your spiritual powers This course consists of 4 sessions running consecutively on Wednesdays over four weeks (starting 5 June and continuing on 12, 19, 26 June) and is open to beginners. Sessions run from 6.30pm - 8.00pm There is no charge for this course but we request those who register to come for all four weeks. Voluntary contributions towards overheads are welcomed. For more information, email: [masked] or tel:[masked] or[masked] Buses - 3, 33, 25, 4, 44 (Co-op Food stop) - 22, 30 (Fountain Park stop)

Positive Thinking course

Inner Space

Explore the power and influence of thought and the impact of positive attitudes. Learn how to: * become a master of your thoughts and feelings * tap into the natural positivity of the mind * finish energy-draining self-talk and language * improve the quality of your relationships * remain free from negative influence and pressure This course consists of 4 sessions running consecutively on Thursdays over four weeks starting 6 June and continuing on 13, 20 & 27 June and is open to beginners. To get maximum benefit from this course, it is recommended that you attend all 4 sessions. There is no charge for this course. Voluntary contributions are welcomed to cover overheads. Sessions run from 6.30pm - 8.00pm For more information, email: [masked] or tel:[masked] or[masked] Buses - 2, 3, 33, 25, 4, 44 (Co-op Food stop) - 22, 30 (Fountain Park stop) If you have mobility issues, please inform us in advance. Thank you

New Thinking Event - From Disheartenment to HOPE

The Royal Scots Club Edinburgh

A Talk and Discussion on: Creating a better future for ourselves by recognising and changing our attitudes and outlook. Discovering a different way of being. Transforming our inner dialogue of fear and despair to that of hope. Recognising the benevolence of Nature and the times that we live in. We are in challenging times no doubt but there is a way through. We just need to understand the way Nature and the Power of Goodness work and align ourselves with their eternal energies For more information and to book, please visit www.brahmakumaris.org/uk/edinburgh

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WORLD PEACE Meditation Hour

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