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The Healing Power of Happiness - A Talk in Norwich
Exploring the roots of a happy and meaningful life through spiritual understanding and the practice of meditation. Speaker: Dr Prashant Kakoday Prashant is based in Cambridge and has a background in surgery and integrated health. His main interest is in the relationship between the psyche, emotions, behaviour and health. Prashant has spoken on these subjects in many countries and institutions, including the W.H.O. and the Medical Teaching Program within the U.S.A.

Room 1: Norwich Wellbeing Centre

15 Chapelfield East, NR2 1SF · Norwich

What we're about

This is a group for anyone inspired to look inwards, and forwards to exploring their true nature, innate values, and higher purpose. If you believe that by helping ourselves in this way, we effect positive change in our lives and in our environment then this group is for you.

The group meets at Inner Space Meditation Centre which is coordinated and run by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (UK). The organisation recognises the intrinsic worth and goodness of every human being and is committed to help people rediscover these attributes through a process of lifelong learning, believing this to be essential in creating a peaceful and just world.

There are different events such as courses, workshops, retreats and seminars such as:

Meditation Experience every weekday evening from 6-7pm. Mediation which helps us to experience happiness and clarity of mind. Based on the philosophy of Raja Yoga. The meditation sessions are guided and include opportunities for sharing. All welcome.

The Raja Yoga course is a deep and practical study for dealing with life’s challenges positively through an understanding of the spiritual laws that govern us all.

Learn how to access the deep reservoir of positive qualities that are innate in all of us on the Positive Thinking and Meditation course.

For the full calendar including Talks and Special Events:

All courses and programs are offered free of charge, as community service. The organisation is funded by voluntary contributions.

This group can be contacted on or on 01223 464616

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