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Let's create a culture that acknowledges and meets the need for positive, nurturing touch throughout our lives! We will strengthen our connections by learning how to ask for what we want and clearly communicating our boundaries - essential for bringing a more peaceful, kind, and inter-connected consciousness into the world. Our community will gather to practice and celebrate safe, healthy, consensual touch.

POSITIVE TOUCH hosts and sponsors platonic(non-sexual) touch events. Events range from highly- facilitated, guided-touch only to free-form cuddles and mixed-activity snuggle parties. All events require an orientation through the stand-alone Intro to Positive Touch Culture class or the orientation is built in at the beginning of the event. The orientation helps us create a common language and understanding in regards to consent, communication, and boundaries. This is how we create a safer container for our positive touch culture to grow in.

Our events are designed for singles, couples, groups, friends -everyone (over 18yo)! We especially enjoy creating safer spaces for anyone who might use descriptors such as: LGBTQIA+, trauma-survivor, Veteran, shy, chronic mental/physical illness, terminally ill, introverted, new to the area, recently divorced/separated, and/or totally awesome!

Types of events offered by Positive Touch Facilitators:

-Orientation Events: Intro to Snuggling, Consent Culture, etc...

-Snuggle Parties (may be guided or unguided)

-Themed Snuggle Parties (Movie night, outdoor snuggles, Live or specialty music, Dinner and a Snuggle, massage, etc...)

-Specialty Group Snuggles (Women or Men Only, LGBQT, Diversly-abled, etc...)

-Festival Representation, Workshops/Educational Events , Discussion Groups, etc...

Most events will request a $5 to $40 contribution, depending upon expenses and the facilitator. An incredible amount of coordination time goes into each event as a baseline. In addition, facilitators have invested innumerable hours in professional training and development. We deal with legal fees; insurance; travel costs; websites (this meetup site costs money!); acquiring, storing, cleaning, and transporting supplies for the event; marketing; and a lot more. We dearly want positive touch to be accessible to all, so we need every member to contribute to making this a sustainable culture.

Another way to contribute (and much appreciated) is to fully read the event details, every time and repeatedly if necessary. 80% of the questions we receive have answers in the event details. This meetup is not a business, it's a labor of love and right now -there is only one person both coordinating and facilitating events, in addition to their full-time job. Please be patient and kind in your communications.

(Quick word about RSVP's - on meetup.com they are taken sincerely. If you RSVP and "no-show" more than 3 times you may be removed from the group and "no-show" history is used to prioritize guests on waiting lists. Please only RSVP if you intend on coming to the event. Event specific details may apply.)

Our vision is to magnetize a core group of facilitators to use this site for coordinating multiple events. We are also putting the call out for a group of committed volunteers that feel passionate about bringing positive touch to the community. In particular we have an opening for a Event Coordinator position that requires a 1yr commitment. No experience necessary although basic computer skills are needed -you would be trained w/ possibility for receiving certification.

We also can use tech support, graphic designers, flyer distributors, photographers, seamstresses (for pillowcases), laundry support, clean/heated storage for mats and pillows, more venue spaces for hosting events, etc......So if you can contribute in those ways please let us know!

Welcome to Positive Touch! We look forward to meeting you soon. :)

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