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This growing community is organised in Belfast by Katie McGreal. We also have regular meetups in Newry, Dublin and Galway. Find out more about Positive Living Network and our Special Events here (http://www.positivelivingnetwork.com).

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You can watch more videos here (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQTMSvipKLUkJdVok16tPEwF78TlwPlGG).

The intention behind this open group is to bring together people from all different backgrounds who wish to live more positive and conscious lives. We aim to create a positive antidote to the doom and gloom that seems to surround us in society at the moment and to provide a place where you can come once a month to hear some inspirational speakers, soak up some positive energy and meet uplifting people.

" wow - really great experience. Gained some good insights. Really happy fun vibe coming from the organizers. Will definitely get to more meetings — Siobhan"

The meetings are open to anyone who is interested in living a more positive, conscious and inspired life and connecting with new like-minded friends.

". ... just wanted to say this was an excellent meetup. The positive living network was really enjoyable. Thanks for making it so much fun. Also the people that came along all so nice and really happy to be there. This was my first meetup with this great group and won't be my last. See you all at the next Meetup I look forward to it. — Karen "

" Very stimulating and interesting.... — Eamonn O'Reilly"

Our various guest speakers are chosen for their enthusiasm and passion in their particular field of expertise and we try to pick speakers on subjects which have broad appeal to our members.

Upcoming events (4)

Redefine Success for 2019 with Eoin Scolard

Holiday Inn Express

ADVANCED BOOKING ESSENTIAL AT http://positivelivingnetwork.com/what-s-on Do you feel that, in some aspect(s) of your life, you somehow don’t measure up? Are you chasing after something that you don’t ever really get? Do you compare yourself a lot? If so, then it’s likely that ( just like a computer) your programming is suspect and you need to look at that. We’re all programmed to want something called Success, but we’ve never really delved into what that might mean. So, what does Success mean for you? In your relationships? In your career? In your health? In your life? Have you ever thought about it? Could it be possible that you’ve somehow taken on a version of success that actually doesn’t suit you? Join Eoin Scolard for a full two and a half hour workshop about SUCCESS, and what it means – FOR YOU. It really will set you free to be your best Self in 2019. Full Info at http://positivelivingnetwork.com/what-s-on

The HQ Process with Eoin Scolard

Dromantine Conference Centre

ADVANCED BOOKING ESSENTIAL VIA http://positivelivingnetwork.com/what-s-on This is an invitation to you, to get to know yourself, not as a personality, but as an energy being. Sages have advised us for a long time to “Know thyself”- and for good reason. To take the time to know yourself, how you operate in this world and how you create – energetically – through the framework of the Chakra system, is one of the most liberating things you will ever do for yourself. At the very worst, you’ll understand yourself on a deeper level. At the very best, you’ll have “aha” after “aha” moment as you become CONSCIOUS of what’s unconscious in you, and then you’ll begin to make different CHOICES based on this new awareness. Life will then have no choice but to joyfully reflect that back to you, as you consciously create your future from the power of being truly present! LIMITED TO 16 PEOPLE ONLY, THE HQ PROCESS is a potent mix of positive psychology and Eastern Wisdom, held over 5 months. The HQ Process includes powerful teaching, meditation, somatic and experiential work. It inspires organic personal growth simply as a result of your commitment and participation. You will be required to participate as fully as you can, keep a journal and complete the course work given each month. All of this takes place in a beautiful, peaceful setting within 75 minutes' drive from Dublin and Belfast. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO - http://positivelivingnetwork.com/what-s-on

Residential Weekend Retreat with Miranda Macpherson

Dromantine Conference Centre

ADVANCED BOOKING ESSENTIAL VIA http://positivelivingnetwork.com/what-s-on You are invited to join Miranda Macpherson for an immersive residential weekend retreat of profound spiritual teaching, supported self-inquiry, meditation, chanting and prayer in a beautiful, peaceful setting only 75 mins drive from Dublin and 45 mins from Belfast. Let Miranda lead you on a journey through and beyond the habits of mind as you dive deeply into the Way of Grace. FURTHER INFO - http://positivelivingnetwork.com/what-s-on

Wisdom, Love & Presence - Residential Weekend Retreat with Martin Aylward

ADVANCED BOOKING ESSENTIAL VIA http://positivelivingnetwork.com/what-s-on You are invited to join Martin Aylward for an immersive residential weekend retreat in a beautiful, peaceful setting only 75 mins drive from Dublin and 45 mins from Belfast. Let Martin lead you on a journey to activate and explore the 3 principal centres of experience: the Belly centre of embodiment, where we learn to inhabit our experience ever more fully; the Heart centre of love, where we free up our undigested emotional life, and open to ever deepening care, joy and spaciousness; and the Head centre of intuition and wisdom, where we learn to disengage from habitual and counterproductive thought patterns, and train the deeper capacities of mind. The weekend will include guided and silent meditation practice, explorations with Martin and inquiry exercises. FULL INFO AT http://positivelivingnetwork.com/what-s-on

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Find Your Flow '19 with Eoin Scolard

Holiday Inn Express

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