What we're about

Hello, my name is Justin. I've been in recovery and the 12 step program for years and wanted to create something more than just another 12 step group. This will be far more than just a 12 step group, it's a support group to make friends, share ideas on how to live a better, healthier, happier life, it's a group of people who need and/or want a loving, supportive group of people who become like family, it's a group that uses the concept of Omnism and uses the best of all religions and spiritual practices and it's a group that talks about everything from addiction, life's hardships, charity, the 12 steps and anything that can help make life happier and better for us all .

I started a group like this about 7 years ago but moved out of state here to Carson City, Nevada. We would usually meet in nature or in a nice park. Sometimes we would meet at a member's house or a coffee shop if the weather didn't corporate. Sometimes we would have a member share their story, sometimes we would bring in a special guest to share a spiritual practice, their expertise in an area that could help, sometimes we would have a quick group and then do a charity event like helping the homeless or cleaning up trash at a park and sometimes we would share and read different books and literature. The sky is the limit.

Our groups are a little more flexible than a typical 12 step meeting, we are more based around different religions and spiritual practices from everything from Native American spirituality, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity to Wicca, yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, prayer and much more. We stay far away from politics and judgement.

I'm hoping to find a few people to help grow the group, expand on my vision and help create an amazing support group and am hoping to make some new lifelong friends.

I'm looking forward to meeting any one interested in joining me on this spiritual journey. Thank you for taking the time to read my ideas.

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