Why Postgres? Why This Database? Why Now? with Claire Giordano

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We are excited to host a talk from Claire Giordano about the reasons PostgreSQL is awesome and improving all the time. After the talk we'll have an unconference style discussion time. Potential topics include ways the PostgreSQL community can continue to evolve, opportunities for everyone to get involved with the database and with the community, and resources for submitting conference talks. We look forward to taking audience suggestions as well.


Claire Giordano (https://twitter.com/clairegiordano) is a Principal PM Manager on the Citus team at Microsoft. Prior to the Microsoft acquisition of Citus Data in Jan 2019, Claire was VP of Marketing at Citus Data, where she led the team to raise awareness about the worry-free Postgres database that is Citus. Claire’s career in tech started in Providence, where she earned an Sc.B. in Applied Mathematics & Computer Science from Brown University.


We welcome people with all levels of experience with PosgreSQL and technology. We nurture curiosity.

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