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Two Great Talks! Louise Grandjonc and Sam Bail

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We are excited to host a talk from Louise Grandjonc about Indexes as well as a talk from Sam Bail about Foreign Data Wrappers. Louise works at Microsoft in France and Sam spent five years at Flatiron Health, a high growth startup.

6:00pm - 7:00pm: arrive, have snacks, socialize
7:00pm - 8:30pm: talks, questions, discussion
8:30pm - 9:00pm: socialize some more

Louise is a software developer currently working at Microsoft in the Citus Data team. Before that I worked as a lead python developer at Ulule ( a crowdfunding company) for three years. I love writing SQL, python, data modelisation and performance.

After spending several years in Academia, Sam worked as a Data Insights Engineer at Flatiron Health, a New York City healthcare technology startup. Sam is the co-founder and former chair of the Manchester Girl Geeks community group in the UK, and an active host and presenter at PyLadies and Women Who Code meetups in New York City.


Talk information:

As developers we use indexes a lot, some by explicitly asking our ORM, some because of primary keys, unique constraint… But indexes go further than the default btree. And by the way, what is a btree? Louise is sharing a great talk about index types that postgreSQL has:
btree, gin, gist, sp-gist, brin, hash. What is the difference between them? What data type are they most fit for? How can they help with the performance of your application? How can you create a new index with a different type than the btree in python? All of these questions will be answered during this talk!

Foreign data wrappers (FDW) are a nifty feature in Postgres that allows using the database as an interface to query other non-Postgres data sources. In this beginner-friendly talk, I will provide an introduction to the concept of FDW and what they look like under the hood, show some interesting examples of applications for FDW, and walk the audience through the creation of a simple FDW. The main takeaway for the audience is an understanding of what FDW can be used for and - hopefully - some motivation to try them out for their own use cases.


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275 7th Ave 21st floor · New York, NY
80 spots left