What we're about

Postlight is a digital product studio based in New York City.

We're a team of product strategists, designers, and engineers committed to building and shipping great technology products. You can learn a lot more about us by visiting our web site (http://www.postlight.com), tuning into our podcast (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/track-changes/id1087659707?mt=2) and subscribing to our newsletter (https://trackchanges.postlight.com/tagged/newsletter).

We aim to build a network of like-minded individuals beyond our own team. We're going to throw as many parties as we can, host as many speakers as we can, and share whatever we learn with the community.

We hope you can join us.

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You're Invited! Come see the future with Postlight Labs

We’ve been up late experimenting! Join us as we celebrate the release of several new products from Postlight Labs. From the world’s tiniest super-calculator to a new way for developers to talk to Salesforce, and a Slack bot that makes conversations into decisions—we’re making the big platforms smarter, better, and more useful. Come see what we’ve been building and share some food and drinks, too. Postlight Labs is a division of Postlight totally dedicated to new, experimental, and high-risk product development, where designers, engineers, and product managers can do their best work at high speed.

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