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Lara Hogan Demystifies Public Speaking

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Come meet Lara Hogan! Lara will visit Postlight on January 18th to talk about her new book, Demystifying Public Speaking ( Communications coach Bill Smartt will interview Lara about identifying your fears so you can face them, and how to bravely step out in front of the crowd.

About Lara (

Lara Hogan is an Engineering Director at Etsy, and author of Designing for Performance ( and Building a Device Lab ( She champions performance as a part of the overall user experience, striking a balance between aesthetics and speed. Lara has presented at Google I/O, keynoted the Velocity Conference, and given talks at companies like The New York Times to help shift them toward a culture of performance.

Demystifying Public Speaking is Lara’s newest book, published by A Book Apart. The book tackles pre-speech nerves, holding your audience’s attention, crafting content that is accessible and inclusive—and of course, the importance of donuts.

About Bill (

Bill Smartt is a communications coach who has helped countless professionals in every industry learn how to approach the podium with confidence, authenticity, and peace of mind. As the founder of Smartt Talk (, Bill's clients include American Express, CNN, Credit Suisse, Facebook, Harvard Business School, Mailchimp, Spotify, and the United Nations.
101 Fifth Avenue · 10th Floor, NY
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