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Postlight Podcast Live! Turning Chaos Into Your North Star

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Postlight Podcast Live! Turning Chaos Into Your North Star


This is a wild time for technology leaders. Those of us working in tech are still going—doing our best to deliver great products. And yes, we’re all on Slack and Zoom and adapting, but it isn’t like all the old risks went away. Lots of new risks just got added to the mix.

Postlight is a strategy and product development company and we’ve been shipping new software steadily for our clients over the last six months. In this live podcast recording, Postlight’s leadership will talk about our new whitepaper, Catalyst, and how to define, understand, and structure a transformational software effort—what’s timeless, what’s changed, and what to watch out for.

In the first part of a four-part series, we’ll focus on the early conversations that stakeholders embark upon. How do you translate those business needs into a strong, consistent vision for your technology initiative?

Join us November 12th at 1:00pm EST for a live "taping" of our frequently-award-nominated Postlight Podcast, where we'll share our insights, frameworks, and proven methods for growing your business with better digital platforms. We’ll keep it lively, with lots of Zoom polls and opportunities to talk.

About Postlight Podcast
What happens when software eats the world? Industry veterans Paul Ford and Rich Ziade chat with their friends about technology, design, and business from a distinctly East Coast point of view. Decades of experience inform their no-BS, quick-witted patter about what digital transformation really means. Created by Postlight, the digital product studio they co-founded in New York City
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