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Hello everyone,

Our next online meetup is around the corner and we can’t be more happy about our speakers and topics. This time all talks will be held in english.

We'll open out gates at 7pm. Since there are a lot of trolls outside, we've decided to manually add people from the waitingroom to the zoom-meeting.

■■■ Talk 1 - LernaJS by Arnd Issler - Start: 7:30pm ■■■
In big projects it is best practice to outsource functionality into single packages to share them between different projects. It will work great, until changes have to be implemented between different packages or they where cuttet subobtimal. When those packages or projects - wich will mostly be handled in their own repositories - merged together into one repository, we’re taking about a MonoRepo or also Multi-Package-Repository.

LernaJS is a command-line based tool, that can enormously simplify the administrative tasks in such a structure: creating pre-releases, versioning, linking packages within the MonoRepos and publishing the changed packages. So just import all the individual repositories and off you go!

But is it as easy as it seems? I will show you with the help of a step-by-step-list for the migration of multiple repositories in a MonoRepo, which pitfalls lead to another migration and which have to be managed with a certain amount of administration.

■■■ Panel Discussion Vue.js ■■■
Afterwards we will have a great panel-discussion about VueJS and how to use it in production. For this, we’ve invited four great speakers who are experienced in using Vue.js. Franziska Gertz, Vanessa Böhner, Tiago Rodrigues and Ramón Huidobro will give us insights about their projects and work with Vue.js.

The Topics we will talk about are Vuex, building Microfrontends, advantages for bigger teams when you’re using Vue.js, struggles with performance and memory-leaks, testing, the problems with testing and much more.

■■■ About our speakers ■■■
▷ Arnd Issler: Arnd started his coding journey ages ago, when he started coding with BASIC and an Amiga 500. While letting PASCAL solving his math homework, he started to scratch the surface of HTML, JS and PHP. After some years of freelancing, start-up-ing and working in the insurance business, he works at SinnerSchrader as question-everything-grumbler with lots of love for JS and an addiction to old programming books and text adventures.

▷ Franziska Gertz: Franzi´s story in tech started in 2007 with a focus on frontend development. She has been working as a UI Engineer Teamlead at sum.cumo since 2018, where she started her first vue.js project and immediately fell in love with the framework. Topics like robustness, accessibility, code quality, reusability and optimization are very important to her. She likes to pass on knowledge and tries to link departments - such as UI, UX, backend and frontend - with cross-departmental solutions.

▷ Tiago Rodrigues: Tiago is a Senior Engineer at GetYourGuide, always closer to the frontend, but working across the whole stack. Currently working on helping split a 10 year old monolith, and establishing methodologies and standards for new frontend systems.

▷ Vanessa Böhner: Vanessa is a Web Developer. She is a Frontend Foxes Chapter Leader, helping others with their first coding and speaking experiences while learning from them, too. In 2020 she started the Frontend Testing Podcast expect(Exception). Vanessa was a member of the JS Kongress Program Committee 2020. She works as a Software Developer at The Life Company. When she writes code, she does it not for herself but the next developer.

▷ Ramón Huidobro: Ramón is a freelance software builder based in Vienna, bit of a jack of all trades. He's highly community-oriented, and hopes to spend as much time as possible learning with and from others.

🖤 🖤 🖤 We expect our attendees to act in accordance of our code-of-conduct: https://github.com/madeleine-neumann/pottjs-code-of-conduct/blob/main/README.md 🖤 🖤 🖤