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The history of the human race has been best told from the earliest of mankind by the pottery left behind. Some day someone may find a piece of your pottery or clay artwork left behind since the space age era when computers and robotics put billions of factory workers on unemployment and forced the majority of them to become full or part time self-employed.

Whether you are tired or full of energy; anxious, or frustrated with what is happening to our country; a party goer or a loner - you may enjoy getting out and learning more about the art of pottery creations. You don't have to be an artist to enjoy pottery as a hobby or an enjoyable way to earn additional income. Learning more about pottery and other forms of clay art can truely become a fun way to get out, meet new people, and be creative.

We hope to be a small group of "SERIOUS" Meetup members and not just become a 'large group of never attending joiners. However, we are NOT just about learning and doing pottery, rather we are more about helping you "PLANT MORE SUCCESS" into your life, whatever your goals may be. We hope to help you become a "Master Potter for Life" or even a "Master Gardener" creating beautiful works of art that include beautiful plants planted in fabulous history making pots that you made yourself!

We would love to discover a few amoung us that we can provide further personal instruction to help us introduce pottery art to the poor, homeless, disabled, veterans, single parents, and seniors left home alone - helping them discover pottery as a stress releasing and healing form of entertainment for themselves and others.

Some of our Meetups may cost $5, $10, or even up to $20 to cover art supplies, door prizes, and refreshments. We hope that will not discourage you from attending.

Looking forward to meeting you soon.

Dr. Dave Cantrell, PhD - Entrepreneurial Education

& Judy 'Muddhen' Madden - Professional Pottery Educator

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Drop in at Studio 395 at Lakeland Village Community Center

Lakeland Village Community Center

Drop In Ceramics

Lakeland Village Community Center

Drop in

Lakeland Village Community Center


Lakeland Village Community Center

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