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What we're about

Sustainable Business Growth.

This meetup is for those who are committed to becoming more strategic about growing their BUSINESSES.

OUR GOAL IS TO PROVIDE... information and insights on developing better strategies, systems and processes, and becoming more effective at the right things you are doing to grow your business.

WHAT'S REQUIRED FROM YOU... being present and sharing (not overtly selling) information and insights that can help other business owners achieve their goals.

It's not a place to simply hand out business cards. It's a place where those who want to be savvy and strategic networkers can develop profitable business relationships.

TO SUM IT UP... We want to help you get more customers/clients, develop better strategies, and expand your network. We just want you to do it in a way where you give as well get, and leave others better off from interacting with you whether or not they buy your product or service.

OUR MEETUP FORMAT... We have a variety of events to fit different schedules and interests:

- Speaker Events
- Group Share/Mastermind Events
- Webinars
- After Hours Education and Networking Events
- One Day Boot Camps

OUR MEETUP TIMES... We have different meetup times:

- morning
- lunch time
- after hours

Pick the time(s) that work best for you.

You are invited to PARTICIPATE and CONTRIBUTE where you can:

1. Attend the events
2. Invite others to join the group
3. Regularly give us ideas for events, speakers, locations, and anything else that would benefit group members

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