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Your once a month resource team for creating social media, blog, and website content. Working together, as a group makes it easier and fun!

As you know, business owners where many hats.....and often ALL of the hats. From accounting, marketing, sales, managing more than one business, AND then actually doing the service or creating the product of your business. It is a lot for people to manage. Then, when you had onto that listing being a mom, wife, cleaning, grocery shopping, and sometimes (when we are lucky) an occasional rest or fun night out, it can all be overwhelming. Often, well thought out marketing content for social media and creative PR ideas fall to wayside during our normal busy days.

Please join us if this resonates with you! Most likely, you didn't start your own business so you could spend a great deal of time on marketing so we help you cut down on time spent each week on social media, blogs, and newsletters.

If you want to know what systems are the most robust for managing your content, join us and I will share all kinds of advice on free and low-cost tools.

If you are not sure of what to say to your audience on a regular basis, then this is PERFECT for you! We will help you create your outlines, your articles, your processes, marketing messages that do not sound like a commercial but encourage people to give you money! Sound good? Join us!

This group gathers once a month as a motivation for creating your next month's communications plan for newsletters, blogs, website updates, and social media. We learn something new each time and work with a group of other like-minded professionals for creating the next month's (or the next year's) content!

Sharing ideas with one another, seeing examples of great work others have done, learning new tactics for helping you to turn marketing into messages that attract your ideal client without feeling "sales'y".

Once Covid is OVER , meeting once a month in person can be fun and for now, we do this over Zoom.

Join us -- laugh, learn, share, gain renewed energy, and leave the conversation with confidence in knowing what you will be doing on your next 30 days and beyond!

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